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        March 11, 2021                     May 6, 2021                       June 16-18, 2021
        FCICA Product Webinar: Innovative Solutions for   FCICA Product Webinar   Industry Event: The International Surface Event
        Subfloor Prep & Repair             Presented by Presented by David Seland, Founder and   Mandalay Bay Convention Center
        Heather Rice, Director of Commercial Sales-Midwest Division  Principal, ISE Logik Industries  Las Vegas, NV     
        March 18, 2021                     May 20, 2021                      June 17, 2021
        FCICA Educational Webinar - The Person   FCICA Educational Webinar:  Moisture Solutions  FCICA Product Webinar
        Everyone Dreads: The Floorcovering Inspector  Presented by Russell Cleveland, Quality Director, North   Presented by Dave Darche, National Market Manager -
        Presented by David Seland, Principal, ISE Logik   America, Milliken & Company, Floor Covering Division  Adhesives/A&D for Bona US
        March 25, 2021
        FCICA Product Webinar - Commercial Flooring   May 25 – 27, 2021      July 7 – 9, 2021
        Installation: Fastening for the Future  FCICA Annual Convention and Commercial   Industry Event: Coverings 2021
        Presented by Dave Darche, National Market Manager -   Flooring Trade Show  Orange County Convention Center
        Adhesives/A&D, Bona US             Austin, Texas                     Orlando, Florida   
        April 8, 2021                      June 2021                         July 7 – 9, 2021
        FCICA Product Webinar - Protection on a   FCICA Educational Webinar   Industry Event: National Wood Flooring
        Roll: Crack-Isolation and Sound Reduction   Presented by Bill Treiber, Technical Sales & Education   Association Annual Expo
        Membranes                          Manager, Artistic Finishes        Orange County Convention Center
        Presented by Sonya Moste, Product Manager – Crack Isolation  Orlando, Florida
        and Sound Control Membranes, MAPEI Corporation             
                                           June 7-10, 2021
        April 22, 2021                     World of Concrete
                                           Las Vegas Convention Center
        FCICA Educational Webinar          Las Vegas, NV
        Presented by Seth Pevarnik, Director of Technical Services,
        ARDEX Americas

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